A couple Canadians are looking at low temperature geothermal energy applications here in the Interior.  One gentleman from Eastern Canada is looking at powering electrical trailers and then using the waste space heat for Controlled Environment trailers.  Another from the University of Alberta has been comparing Canada and Alaska per geothermal and visiting Chena Hot Springs, Manley Hot Springs and Pilgrim Hot Springs to look at potential.  Certainly Chena Hot Springs has the only geothermal electrical generator.

Manley Hot Springs, utilizes its geothermal generated hot water for growing plants directly, as well as for tourism (allowing folks to soak).  Pilgrim Hot Springs, near Nome, has been looked at closely from above (utilizing Forward Looking Infra Red imagery) to see where warm surface pools are in hopes of being indicative of good drilling locations.  The hope had been that with well drilling deep reservoirs can be found for spinning electrical generation.  But after test drilling it was found that there isn’t sufficient resource to make it work economically for the area.—-AN—-