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With an overnight low in the Interior getting to -30 many residents seem to have gotten acclimatized to the fall style of weather we’ve had most of the winter; forgotten are the days of  several weeks of evening weather getting down to -40 or -50.  From a practical view, this warmer winter weather has given the traditionally dry Interior of Alaska some challenges.  Though there seems to be plenty of snow cover to protect septic tanks and insulate lines, the frozen rain from a couple weeks ago has been playing havoc on driving and power lines.

With a vehicle pile up of close to a couple dozen vehicles yesterday, it was clear that the frozen rain under the snow of last week is creating a hazard- especially when we start diving into sub-zero temps when any past moisture on the road becomes slick.  With hundreds of people out of power last night (~-25F degrees) it is obvious that the wet, heavy coastal like snow that recently hit has become a liability to the power lines.  Electrical crews from GVEA have been getting hit with repairing several spread out areas of the Borough and power lines go down.  Have you seen the blue flashes in the sky at night the last couple weeks? If so, it may have been several houses or a neighborhood losing power.

With these recent trends in warmer weather it creates hazards when normal winter sets in at small intervals- and so the question is, do you have an emergency supply kit of 7 days of water, lighting, fuel, and various necessary materials ready on hand??