Tomorrow will be the annual noon-5pm Ag Day at the farm in Palmer.  There are a variety of items see and things to do  For Energy, we’ll show some  biomass related test/research equipment. Several faculty will talk about their work/funding after supper at the Mess Hall.

Several facultly will be there who are working on  biochar; one working on heat, one on water reclamation, one on water filtration, and one on soil amendment properties.  We’ve been prepping items up over there today, items such as:

  • All Powers lab downdraft gasifier
  • Pyrolysis unit for creating biochar (will be making it on the spot)
  • Grinders for feedstock dust
  • Gasification Experimental Kit Power Pallet (30kw)
  • Explosion proof and vented lab
  • Heavy water unit for heat extraction from liquid biomass
Come on over and you will see some simple yet workable research as well as full animal activities.   Appreciated,  Art Nash