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Hungary has been occasionally in the news the last couple years with its protectionist immigration policies as refugees from the Middle East disperse across Europe.   Historically, Hungary is probably most remembered for its short lived fight as one of Eastern Europe’s first Soviet Block countries to rebel against the Soviet Union/Russia (1956).

Russia has caused fright the last decade with its actions against Georgia and the Ukraine, which involved cutting of citizens from it’s piped in oil.  Poland for one, has watched such actions with a weary eye (and NATO has been seen as a protection from other Russian incursions).  Yet Hungary has recently voiced full solidarity with Poland, while aligning itself with Russia- for its energy.  Russia has been assisting Hungary with its only nuclear power plant in constructing reactors.   Trying to stay independent from the major powers in and out of the EU, Hungary has been grappling with a future shrinking national labor force (as the number  of children born has been dropping).

As geopolitics shift, energy suppliers (and demand) will be an interesting factor in the mix of considerations that countries make when addressing each other.