Figures from the Energy Information Administration (U.S. EIA) have come out and shown that compared to the rest of the U.S., Alaska (in 2014) used up, per person, the fourth most amount of energy than other states.  The total of Alaska usage was over twice the national amount.  As a state, Alaska had the 40th lowest carbon dioxide emissions, at 35 million metric tons  (which is about a third of the national average).

When looking at types of fuels consumed, natural gas, aviation fuel and then distilled fuel oil were the top three.  The overall amount of gas came in next at about one tenth the supply.  Industrial use was the top consumption, with transportation being next at half of the industrial.

Remoteness, lack of distribution infrastructure and lack of large markets of demand make end use of energy more expensive.  We may have vast resources to extract, but the form is not in a user ready condition and often has to be refined, scrubbed or put into a usable form for combustion or inversion. Though there is just over a two year lag in data, hopefully Alaska will see an improvement in lowering its per capita energy consumption in 2018 when the 2015 data comes out.