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Three unique wood burning related events are slated next month for those interested in Anchorage (BP Energy Center June 2/ 4:30-8pm) and Fairbanks (Cold Climate Housing Research Center June 11/ 11-6pm).  In addition there will be a hands on event in Delta Junction demonstrating how to build wood gasification greenhouse heaters the first week of June.  Each has a particular group of focuses, yet anyone is welcome to come and each of the events are free.

Anchorage’s event, Burning Wood for Heat, Electricity, and Biochar, includes topics which include:
• Options with residential wood boilers 101
• Choosing a residential wood stove
• Pellets vs. chips vs. logs
• Emissions and particulates
• Greenhouse heat
• Biochar
• Wood care

The Fairbanks Burning Interior Wood symposium will also cover: Options with residential wood boilers 101, Choosing a residential wood stove, Pellets vs. chips vs. logs, Emissions and particulates, Greenhouse heat, Biochar, and Wood care.

Each workshop is free and it is open to all.  Call Art at 322-2309 for any information!