I was teaching an OLLI class at the University and we went over the standard 7 day supply emergency kit.  The new addition to the presentation is items that could be included by caregivers or seniors themselves in case of evacuation.  Some items have to do with mobility.  Folding up light wheelchairs are available often on eBay or Craigslist for periodic use. Often they will collapse in half for storage or to fit in a trunk by simply pulling up on the vinyl seat.  Walkers can be purchased at medical supply stores which allow for very tight compaction and provide stable rolling or walking along (especially if you cut two tennis balls and impale them half way on the legs that have no wheels.  Other walkers also have a seat on them for periodic seating when needing.  Finally, having walking canes with arm clips are not bad to have on hand in case of twisted ankles or sudden leg injuries to the legs during the  emergency event.


The other area where it is good to have compact, light items ready to go have to do with using bathrooms.  One is a plastic form board that can straddle a bathtub by overlapping onto each edge so someone can comfortably sit “on” a tub and wash themselves sitting down by shower head.  A hand bar with suction cups can comfortably allow a person to stick the hand bar to the shower surround wall and position themselves on or in the tub.  Another item that can make things easier in a new place of relocation is a toilet “riser”.  The plastic donut allows for a person to comfortably sit higher on tan unfamiliar toilet and have a easier way to stand up when needed.

And of course, a portable hotwater heater can be easily stored with compact 1 pounder propane bottles. Versions are made by Zodi and Coleman which allow for showers, bathing and sanitizing under what may be less than optimum conditions after a disaster hits.  One of propane these containers will hold about 4,500 BTUs.  And an adapter can be bought to hook up a five gallon propane bottle (from the barbecue grill).  Think of these things when putting together your kit!