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By The Siberian Times has  reported that  7,000 underground methane gas bubbles are ready to blow!  An article a week ago documented for the first time 2017 mounds located on the  Yamal and Gydan peninsulas that are thought to have been caused by thawing permafrost – that then is releasing methane. Both on foot field expeditions as well as satellite imagery have been used.  These land forms are noted by Russian scientist as ‘funnels’ that at one time were pingos (permafrost caused depressions).  

No one has yet been reported as harmed by these exploding ice thaws, yet they could potentially be an energy source for the area if correctly captured with the gas adequately distributed.  (More importantly, they are being studied to try and avoid damage to infrastructure and transportation of energy resources that are being extracted in the region).  A nickname (in Russian) for the terrestrial explosions has been “Trembling Tundra” (though no seismic activity has been connected with them).

The ice, dirt, and soil can be mixed with the gases with a core of methane hydrates.  This fluid mixture of cooled gases into crystal forms is stable as long as it is kept cooled yet if not properly extracted the immense pressure and flammability can be explosive. University of Alaska Fairbanks Professor Vladimir  Romanovsky suspects that the bubbles may have appeared before but not been reported. It is also possible they were much less frequent and have accelerated in numbers the last few years that the permafrost has been warming up. We will have to wait and see how stable these items are to study in the future.