The last couple days oil commodities have rapidly dropped the last couple days and for the first time in quite a while oil is now under $50 a barrel.  Southwestern Energy and Mobil have lost quite a bit in the bull market and oil is certainly not the driver it was a decade ago.  OPEC disfunction and Russian flooding of the market- along with thick inventories- are plummeting prices.

Such trends downwards will tend to raise eyebrows by those who have invested strongly the last year or so in renewable energy capital; oil is all the more appealing in the short run for working projects.  What is interesting is that development of long term batteries continues.

Locally, have you filled your fuel tank lately for your furnace, boiler or direct vent heater (Toyo, Monitor, etc..)?  With -35 weather this week in the mornings as we start to pick up a good amount of solar exposure we yet have a healthy amount of solar gain going.  If you do order fuel, try to put just enough to get you into June (depending what you have hooked up to use oil).  That way, when the dry June comes through and we end up with a good amount of lightening strikes, you can reduce problems for any wildfires that come through your area in the summer.