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Whether from cow methane, oil burning factories or some of both, there is no doubt that our annual mean temperatures over the last century have been on an upward trend in the Interior. While effects of warmer seasonal weather are hitting the higher latitudes with more fervor, there is the advantage of discontinuous permafrost moving out of arable and accessible building sites.  The upshot is that in the Interior of the state building sites may well open up for full foundations (cement slab or footers in crawlspaces) where in the past pad and post was the only sure way to go.

Given the scattered Uranium throughout the state, it will be all the more important for contractors to utilize radon resistant construction so that from the git-go there is not only protective vapor barrier secured on the ground but also semi permeable membrane material such as Bituthene adhered to any pony walls before back filling soils.   This is because radon is a pervasive  gas (although wimpy) and with frozen soils melting and ice lenses migrating there will be new open paths for gasses to reach the foundation of many homes. Take a look at this  YouTube channel and watch the 4 minute film (while sharing the more detailed 12 minute piece for your contractor who’ll build for you): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwz4yPgv3XA&t=7s & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3EOt-iyk5MA.

We don’t know currently how the sink holes and melting permafrost will effect radon distribution by and large in areas as there has not been an operating home built yet in this marginal land which allows for the variations of concentrations from home ventilation systems.  (The other thing we do not know is how garden  or crop plants will react to the non-decayed organic method which will release methane as lands are ‘opened up’).  Remember, no matter where you are currently living, the only way  you’ll know if you have a radioactive radon problem, is to test- which for $25 or so is not such an weighty matter when considering the cost of detection, treatment and care of lung cancer!