We have gotten an exceptionally wet and large amount of snow the last couple days and there has been talk of what a roof will take. Here are some precautions on those who have mobile homes:

  • keep in mind that there is more stress on the flat roof than a peaked roof (and the timbers are not as stout as on a peaked roof)
  • on  any other flat roof building you want to find out what the covering is made of before applying a metal edged snow scoop, chipper, or shovel
  • .you may need a tie on belt if you need to get on top and shovel a time or two this year to relieve the pressure in the middle of the roof (where a snow rake won’t reach)

Snow load is measured in pounds per square inch). Inspectors in Fairbanks and Anchorage have a code for new builds and you will want to see what the code is for where you live.  In the city of Fairbanks, code calls for roofs to be built that can withstand 50 pounds per square foot of weight.   To measure this, you can make a plywood box that is 12″ x12″ and 3 foot or so high.  You can then “cookie cut” a section down to the roof and then slide a flat plate underneath.  Transfer the box to a bathroom scale, record the weight (and then subtract the weight of the box).  You can also go to weather.gov, put your zip code in and then click on special hazard report and it should give you the pounds per foot out at the Fairbanks Airport.  Keep an eye on your snow and roof!