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Earlier this week there was a presentation at UAF on Radon.  It was about testing your home to some degree, yet had a new emphasis that has not been highlighted so strongly before- the lung health and geology side of things.  The director of the local Alaska chapter of the American Lung Association (AALA) was there and had detailed slides on lungs; Maegan went in depth of how a healthy lung should look, what parts are compromised by the decaying radioactive gas of radon, and made mention on how to keep the lung tissues healthy throughout life (and yes, exercise was listed as one of those maintenance activities).  The images on the Powerpoint slides were dynamic and colorful. We will look forward to the community event which AALA is hosting April 17.

In addition, Jen Athley shared on the ‘lay of the land’, so to speak concerning naturally occurring radioactive substances.  She also had a very vibrant overhead color map of Alaska which differentiated various deposits of landform/rock.  She went into detail to describe how radon interacts with various minerals as well as the distribution of those minerals.  And of course she spoke to- in detail- what the potential dangers are with hard rock schist in disseminating radon.

Cooperative Extension will hope to continue sharing about radon as we try to renew our rounds of healthy homes classes year round- which have a strong indoor air quality component.  Keep an eye out for healthy homes or straight radon classes this spring and summer.