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With a new administration and congress in charge, what will the focus be on ‘energy’?  Certainly incentives and priority on heat and electrical generation will not be as centered around carbon.  At this point  has sounded like the focus from the top of environmental and energy departments (federal) will be going the opposite direction of Cap and Trade and more so focused on the utility and cost feasibility of fuel sources.

If so, are ‘clean energy’ energy sources going to be relevant at all? It will probably depend fuel by fuel on extraction/generation costs, infrastructure requirements for transportation and usability at end use locations- whether it be at power generation plants (utilities) or home heating appliances.  Will particle emissions/output be a concern from a local pollution point of view (with carbon escapement itself not being the focus)? Will non-combustible energy sources such as solar or wind have a competitive place among combustible fuels? These are going to be questions that clues will be unfolding from the Department of Energy and the Environmental Protection Agency.

Also keeping an eye on the various activities in the congressional energy committees will help also to spot what is viable and what isn’t. And for Alaska, where we have somewhat of a secluded energy market, we may not be effected by federal adjustments as much as the grid tied lower 48 states!