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January will be Radon Action Month.  Over the last couple weeks we’ve been testing schools in the Interior.  With homes closed up, this is a good time for individuals to test their homes or rental units.  During January, for those who would like to have a short term test done by measuring voltage discharge  (other than the typical soaking of room air in charcoal canisters that are analyzed in a lab),  I can assist (within 60 miles of Anchorage or Fairbanks by doing home visits and placing two canisters in the lowest living area of the home. I can then pick up the canisters in as little as two days.

The best part is that because I’ll be measuring tiny voltage changes from the canisters on a dock I have, the tests do NOT have to be sent off to a lab and results are fairly immediate.  Now, self tests are still for sale year round at the Cooperative Extension Communications department  ($30 for short term- 2 to 3 days, or $25 for long term- 3 months to a year).

If you are interested for a January test by this method contact Art at 907-474-6366 or alnashjr@alaska.edu.  Either way, have your tested your house for the peace of mind and lung health.