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Golden Valley Electrical Association is expecting outages with the heavy snowfall as well as the increased winds over the next couple days (see http://www.gvea.com/outages). Wednesday one of the big box stores was out of one pounder (green) propane canisters. Generators were sold out at GVEA yesterday. No doubt people will be preparing today for forecasted winds later.

If your power goes out, be SURE to have any type of combustion devise vented outside as indoor air quality can deteriorate if there are “open fires” in the home.  Flames from propane, white gas or even biomass stoves indoors are not a good idea per air quality.  And even devises that show no flame such as catalytic heaters are still emitting carbon monoxide.  If there is no ability to port out exhaust gasses (some heaters do provide, such as the the Zodi propane tent heater with its  3″ accordion hose and 12 volt battery operated in-line fan), then place a battery operated carbon monoxide detector near crack a window next to the heater/stove.  Read the owner’s manual to find out the manufacture’s recommendations.

You want warmth, but also clean air.  As a noted Emergency Planner has noted about the event now hitting Fairbanks, ‘it is not the cold we worry about, but carbon monoxide as the killer’.