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Needless to say, the majority of political attention this fall and winter has been on the position of the Presidency.  Under it all,  Congress has yet been trying to bring together renewable energy legislation before the holiday recess hits in four days. It is not looking likely at this point though….A resolution to have the U.S. on total renewables by mid-century had been introduced but most likely will not make it to become a bill.

The Senate and House are attempting to work out all the parts into two energy bills (which the current president has threatened to veto…).  The Alaskan Senator who is head of the Energy Committee, has been encouraging people to press on and beyond two big events:  1) The Energy Policy Modernization Act passed a couple years ago is coming from the Senate and House yet with disagreements focusing LNG/natural gas distribution,  exports, hydropower,  and biomass accounting, and the goal 2) of producing  100% clean energy generation by 2050.(It has been estimated that the U.S. is projected to create more electric generating potential from solar and wind than any other energy source).

So, with OPEC recently cutting supply we are more than likely to see (after the congressional recess) a push for more (Alaskan) Drilling with a new House and Senate.