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With a presidential new administration comes a new cabinet, and the formation process is going on right now to make a switch on January 20, 2017.  Names are being floated for new cabinet secretary positions.  As the Department of Energy is being  examined,  even a past contender for president is a possible candidate for the position.  During the campaign, President-Elect Trump promised to streamline permitting processes across the board  and will most likey open up onshore/offshore land leases to extraction and transportation firms. Whoever directs the Department of Energy, they may be accompanied by an Alaskan as former governor Sarah Palin is being considered as the Secretary of the Interior.  It is plausible that land adjoining national parks could be used to explore of possibly extract fuels.


I yet think the highest yield for decades to come of cheap energy is just off the North Slope coast in the ice where the methyl hydrates lay. The trick is in safe extraction, yet a treasure trove of frozen BTU packets is certainly present.  A cleaner fuel than crude in combustion, and once stabilized there may be a variety of transportation methods.  Innovative ways have been looked at to get natural gas off the slope into Fairbanks- maybe such ideas an help here.  Possibly this will be a focus on emerging energy sources at the national energy labs, a great public investment that can work with firm’s R&D offices.