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With a mild fall (yes it is officially, until December 21st- with official winter only 41 days away) there have been no problems of freezing pipes that I have yet heard of.  There is a concern among some that with the accompanying lack of snow it could be a year of trouble for many with septic systems.  Because most people keep their septic tank  thawed by passively letting warmth from the discharge water and the generated heat from the waste composting at the bottom of the tank do its thing.


However, with the transfer of water out of the tank into a leech field, there can be a freezing up that occurs if the ground is also not well insulated.  Though some people spread hay or straw over their field the best insulation on the surface is a healthy coating of snow. If we have temperatures that become the standard for Jan and February of years past with a pretty much bare surface there can be problems so that the wastewater in the house has no where to go until the leech field gets thawed out due to break-up or by imputing heat from above.


If it becomes a repeating problem (wastewater becoming backed up) and continues after breakup and soil thawing you may want to look at checking the pipe joints where the inlet pipe comes into the septic tank (which will require some excavation- at times the leech field may need to be moved also).  If you have a septic system, call the outfit which pumps out your tank (suggested as an annual event) and ask them at what temperature and depth (lack of) of snow cover you need to begin to be concerned about your septic system (and what coverings you should use for your field to keep it operating!)