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Earlier this year, for the first time in almost four decades, carbon emission from vehicles ended up topping the industrial sector (while overall carbon emissions have dropped for almost the past decade due to switching fuels and being more efficient); this is according to Bloomberg Financial.   Our transportation increase is probably due in part to the relatively cheap gas and thus more driving we see.

So while there may be an increase in transportation there also is a drop in industrial emissions at the same time due to natural gas replacing coal. Some of this is related to the Arab energy crisis half a century ago when we were locked out of cheap petrol from OPEC (which in turn helped to get the Alaska Pipeline built and operating). When oil went sky high in cost, coal became the predominate fuel for electrical generation.

Vehicles will probably be petrol dependent for sometime though there are solar and electrical options. Yet with the U.S. government having signed on with the Paris Accords from last year we will see carbon emissions, as well as price now shaping what fuel combinations we use for various purposes in different sectors of our economy.