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With about a thousand bucks coming in today for residents who have qualified, you may have a hole burning in your pocket looking for worthy purchases!   Think about an investment you can make that would help you in a pinch- possibly something that would come in handy in the case of rainy flood day, earthquake or possibly tsunami event……

If you already haven’t heard of an evacuation kit that should allow you to be out of your home for 7 days or less, consider the following.  I’ve looked at the 200+ site specific disaster declarations made by various governors in the last few decades and it is apparent that many occurred as flooding events during breakup (when the temperature is cold) and many others were storm related events which caused “cold weather failure”. Many communities hit a real problem with electricity being out or down. SO, what items can you have on hand and plan for before we get temperatures below 30 degrees in this colorful autumn we now have?

Have you invested in a modern camp stove whether it be fed by white gas, wood or propane gas?  If something happens in winter, what of lighting?  Do you have a unit that can be charged by solar, adequate batteries, or even from inverters off a 12 volt vehicle?   And how about heat- do you have a source of vented heat that could keep you warm in a lawn shed, tent or other shelter if an earthquake forces you out of your home and without electricity available?  Whatever you choose to organize your items into, while you have money do think ahead about having one week’s worth provisions ready to go on a moments notice!