One of the big success stories for Photo Voltaic solar production is that in the last decade the price per watt for a panel has fallen several fold, in large due to cheaper prices of Chinese manufactured panels that are exported. But what of the Chinese themselves, with more opportunities to buy from free markets within their own nation?  According to QUARTS reporter, Cassie Werber, a large number of Chinese have a personal demand for renewable energy (economically speaking). Having the largest domestic market in the world, China has the consumers to purchase their own products toward a healthy stability. But other factors limit the purchases.

Cassie notes that a minute survey conducted by Ipsos Mori pollsters sampled a minute group of 3,000 Chinese urbanites and out of those nearly 98% wanted as consumers to buy ‘clean power’. Nine out of ten (of the 98%) had a willingness to pay extra. The same number of residents stated that they believed renewables could improve air quality.

 As a nation state owner of utilities, China has grown to be the number one  investor per renewable power.  The main impetus in renewables is the pollution problem.  China has been known for years as having a ‘clog’ problem (coal induced smog) whose fatalities have rivaled Great Britain’s during the industrial revolution. Hopefully, domestic and foreign demand can help those who live in the country!