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The USBI’s Biochar 2016 Conference just took place the past couple days!

It was labeled: “The Synergy of Science and Industry: Biochar’s Connection to Ecology, Soil, Food, and Energy”

It was located at Oregon State University, Corvallis OR and the focus was not just academic.  In fact, it was loaded with  entrepreneurs and small business owners who in the past years have made investments to develop commercial markets- one including an Alaskan vendor. There were over 5000 publications last year alone, and there had been the feeling that there has been a need to bring everyone together to swap information, lessons learned, and work to chart a way  forward for biochar to develop commercially. The conference was rich with  stakeholders in biochar research as well as  private sector folks and a few academics.


This information is going to be useful to instruct the School of Natural Resources and Extension for 3 grants wrapped around biochar as a solution to regulate moisture, microbes and nutrients in a thawing soil in many parts of the state (due to climate change).  We look forward working with the folks met from different soil type regions and uses in the next year or so as we look at 1) harvesting the heat from biochar 2) utilize the char itself!