The first nuclear powerplant in decades recently was set up here in the US for energy production.  Japan has reducing its nuclear operations to account for no output since its disaster a few years ago…..  What is the attitude in Europe, however, is even a larger question.  Italy doesn’t have plans for  continuing nuclear (due to public sentiment), Belgium is finding other energy options, France is looking elsewhere,  and Germany is doing away with its nuclear plants within half a decade or so.

Yet when looking world-wide, there are over 5 dozen nuclear power plants in construction with 10 times that in the planning process.  China, which has a quarter of the number of existing plants compared to the U.S. is looking at putting in about a 100 more!  India intends to put in about a quarter of that (with Russia and the U.S. tied for third in the planning department).

When looking at overall costs this is not very competitive with other energy. Due to the overhead it certainly is the most expensive overall when looking at raw materials, infrastructure and maintenance.  Yet it is also carbon neutral.  Something to think about when we look at energy options.