In light of our current Don’t Be Fuelish work, I wanted to mention another transportation effort to reduce vehicle fuel consumption.  The inventor of Uber taxi system, Travis Kalanick,  has been calling on  European Commission regulators to talk about solving urban  traffic and parking problems.  He’s been urging common residents to a phone app which leads to a proto-type cab service for  those who are in need of a ride. Kalanick has stated that “We’re making our case but also learning what it’s going to take to bring our kind of innovation to many cities here in Europe”.

Uber style of driving is serving many in  San Francisco and even a dozen and a half cities in China currently.  People  driving into work could conceivably  pick somebody up for a bit more gas money  while adding to less congestion, being less polluted and not having to spend a tax dollar to do it!

It has been popular enough to be valued at $62.5 billion dollars.  It isn’t so easy everywhere though….steep regulatory hurdles exist in Europe. Uber  has argued the service isn’t illegal and some of its proponents are adapting  it to the chauffeured transportation sector (larger than the taxi transportation services combined).  Some cities like Anchorage are passing municipal rules to keep Uber from operating (for a variety of reasons).  Yet if you travel to another large city, download the app and try it out to get your own impression!