Mineral and energy source extraction for a cash asset has a relatively short history  (just over a century and a half) in the state, yet it has grown from largely individuals to industrial scale in the past century.  Recent popular stories in the news of sparing between government officials has been on both the individual level (Chicken area miners a few years back conflicted over water discharge) as well as the corporate level (Pebble Mine winning a court case against the EPA for withholding public documents).  Both courts and agencies have been active in Shell’s offshore exploration, and certainly Congress has been in the mix with ANWR which will be another lively topic most likely in this year’s elections!

Whether gold, copper, coal or oil corporate operations in Alaska are in the spotlight, off to the side are many individuals and partnerships who make a living (at least for half of the year) through efforts on working claims throughout the state.  The Alaska Miners Association had their bi-annual International Arctic Mining Symposium here in Fairbanks about a month ago, yet monthly they have a Friday breakfast at the same location (Carlson Center).  Today the topic being Practical Alaska Camp Energy Solutions.  These operations often need to have fuel and combustion implements for cooking, heating water and space heat.  Whether from traditional off grid sources like solar/wind or from masonry heaters there are solutions that can work for both seasonal as well as year round operations!  If you are curious, give a call to my office (474-6366) and I can send a copy of photos from this months presentation.