This week the UAF Alaska Center for Energy and Power will be hosting their every 16 month rural energy conference.  It begins tomorrow morning at the Westmark Hotel in Fairbanks.  It runs through to Thursday of this week and will have over 4 dozen unique speakers.  You can read more about it at:  There has been focus the last year or two on grid vulnerability in the Lower 48 through possible cyber attacks and events from outside sources.

Alaska has the unique distinction of being its own ‘microgrid’ and that has some security, but also some challenges in electrical generation and distribution particularly when looking at the state as a whole.  The ‘railbelt’ has a type of coordinated workings, yet rural communities are often on to themselves when it comes to fuel transport and power balancing through a community.  If you can’t make it to the conference, be sure to see the videos that are put up each year at ;  and contact Max Frey at with any other questions!