I was in a village on the Yukon River last week assisting the Environmental Specialist on testing for Carbon Monoxide and Radon.  After flying in as the end of the line (due to volcanic ash diverted the plane back to Fairbanks rather than continuing on down river to its original destination) the tribal office truck picked me up and we were off home to home.  Most of the HUD homes had a HRV unit right inside the back entry way by the boiler rooms. A couple already had a carbon monoxide alarm in place, yet they were the style that would set off an audio beeping when the level was above a certain level.  (Typically, 30 parts per million (ppm) is the point at which someone should be concerned, leave the area, ventilate and check combustion sources).

We were instructing folks how to put into place continuous monitors which have a red LED light displayed with the current value. They are plugged in typically to a 110v outlet, yet if there is an outage, there is a back up 9v battery. These homes used propane cook stoves as well as fuel oil boilers.   We also were  putting into homes charcoal sashes that collect radon gas for analysis at a lab about a week later.

In the evening we had a session which was loaded with about a dozen and a half people.  We covered ventilation, moisture control and energy efficiency as well as the properties of Carbon Monoxide.  All in all, it was a good visit and chance to drop off home evaluations from a healthy homes perspective!