This past week I went to the Yukon-Alaskan border and visited with the mayor, firefighter, policeman of the last community before going into Canada- border city.  It has a total of 5 families that reside there and because it is out of the reach of the utility for the Tok area, all the electricity is created from a couple 100kw diesel generators.  The fuel is not all that expensive as it comes in large bulk quantities to stock the first truck stop on the American side.

Being that the community is built in a bog/swamp, there is a good amount of work done on the foundation to work with the adjustments the ground has made. As it is also permafrost deep below the well casing has 24/7 heat trace, and with the hard rock shist nearby, radon has been found in the area yet most likely will not be present at the community.  Since it is gold country and the arsenic level is high in the water samples, there is continual remediation via reverse osmosis to mitigate this.

Most notably, was the intermittent phone service on the land like giving out- due to old WWII era strung telegraph wire getting caught up in moose antlers as the poles have sunk and leaned over through the decades.  All this to say that in Alaska there are continual challenges to building yet even more with maintaining a community, and this ‘last stop’ in the state is a good illustration of the continual proactive nature of Alaskans!