Sorry, I just couldn’t help but make a rhyming title on these spring-like break up days…at the very beginning of March!!  One of the problems of course is that snow and ice melt during the day when it creeps above 32 degrees, and then drops to or below zero for the evening.  In the morning, you may then have a very flat, smooth skating rink -right in front of your steps or car door.  So how do you stay upright on these mornings?

In one coastal community, the local hospital has boxes of surgical booties for the taking at their entryway.  I’m told these work well to keep a person upright.  Wearing pull on spikes over your shoes or even wearing ice climbing shoes to make it to and from the home/workplace and car (just be sure to pull them off before going into the store on tile or other slick surfaces to avoid skating there!!)  Also chicken wire can be tacked down on ramps where there is a thin, slick sheen in the morning on the surface wood.  There is the option of also buying various ‘ice breaker mats’, ‘no-slip ice carpets’, and ‘electric snow melt mats’.  Put these terms into a search engine and you’ll have plenty of retail options!

Since these are temporary additions for breakup, remember that surface additions don’t have to stay in place even into the summer.  These items may not even be attractive, but as an answer to prevent broken bones they may be preferable to the alternative!