Those who remember the long lines to the gas pumps during the 1970’s energy crisis probably recall the comparativley tiny imports which boasted 30+mpg which quickly followed.  By the late 1970’s gas stabilized out at about a half a buck a gallon.  Now our fuel is running just about three times that- yet compared to paying double the amount about this time two years ago, tourism and travel will probably be favorable to Alaska this summer (as it was last) due to the ‘cheap’ fuel costs.  Yet would this be a good time to introduce a super efficient compact car for city driving? One that boasts of 80+mpg??

Elio Motors is advertising a very small commuter car for $6,800 which is to be released at the end of this year.  While it only seats two people and only has one door as well as three wheels, it is being marketed as highway and side road safe. Part of its boasted cost savings is that it runs just over half a ton in overall weight.  If you go by the websites ‘counter’ of how many people have ordered one, it looks like there are over 50,000 requested.

Time will tell if the popularity catches on, if they are practical in winter, if they have easily accessible parts, etc…or whether this is merely a futuristic Popular Mechanics prototype that has prematurely made it to market. If you happen to get one or know someone who has signed up, let me know how they operate!