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With all of the strange weather patterns the last few years, some people are wondering how stable their ground and foundations will be in years to come.  Stories last summer of sink holes developing in the Goldstream Valley and knowledge of thawing permafrost are realities that can have an effect on homes, out buildings, driveways, etc…

Next Wednesday (2/17) there will be a meeting at 7pm in the Ken Kunkel Community Center, 2645 Goldstream Road, Fairbanks (adjacent to the Goldstream General Store).  The gathering is for residents to learn about an upcoming month long survey project to map permafrost distribution in the Goldstream Valley watershed (from DNR-Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys and the University of Alaska Fairbanks).

At the meeting they will share about the  RESOLVE airborne electromagnetic collection system, which  is designed to map the spatial distribution of data points of the electrical resistivity of the valley and will be used to help interpret where the ground is frozen or where it is not.This system is a low power system that does not have health risks or hurt communication devices.(Data gathering  helicopters will not fly directly over houses.)  The final 3D map of permafrost distribution will be looked at for understanding the area’s  groundwater/surface flow and to study the effects of  climate change on permafrost as it is assumed that trapped greenhouse gasses in and underneath permafrost will be released when permafrost thaws. What do you think the correlation between climate warming and greenhouse gas from (discontinuous, or intermittent) permafrost will be?  I don’t know either and look forward to hear from the investigators what they find in Goldstream!