Now we all know since the Exxon Valdez spill that ‘oil and salmon don’t mix’….But how about vie as competitors as far as cost goes? OK- obviously one is used for transporation and heat while the other primarily as food.  Yet when looking at crude oil prices, the last time they were this low (~$30/barrel as of the weekend) was a decade and a half ago.  In that time period, salmon caught by Norway’s fleets has doubled in price (from $2.90/Kg to ~$5.90/Kg).

According to an article in Bloomberg news ( salmon is more costly per Kg than oil.  The article isn’t real deep, but it brings to the surface the age old competitors of most Alaskan’s budget expenses, energy and food.  And of course the fact that 95% at best (and 98% at worst) of Alaska’s consumed foods are transported (via oil for the most part) up to our state from other locations.

In fact, the overall state usage of energy products is transportation.  While some of this is certainly passenger and parcel transportation, an important part of it is used to get us the food we need.  Now whether Alaskans are buying their salmon or catching their own is a whole other question!