With the new year here, January is Radon Action Month.  It is important to test for radon as it is the second leading cause to lung cancer.  While the house is ‘closed up’, this is the best time to test for Radon gas concentrations.  Realizing that it has been more like break up at the very end of the year, rather than the frigid north, I still would encourage you to test at this time of year.  Your furnace and HRV systems have probably been balanced and tuned, and though there has been unseasonably warm weather chances are you are not keeping windows and doors open.  This is good, as it allows the gasses to collect in the house for testing.

You can conduct a simple couple day charcoal test (available at hardware/building supply stores), a long term alpha track test (Cooperative Extension sells them at our District Offices or campus Statewide Office), or you can buy a continuous digital readout monitor from a local fire and safety store.

Feel free to call with any questions at 474-6366 on testing, interpreting results or mitigating high concentration levels.