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I was talking to someone in Eagle River at last night’s Healthy Homes workshop (in the UAA Center).  She mentioned that after taking part of the AHFC energy audit and rebate program, their house was so tight that mold started to grow on the white vinyl of her windows.  After trouble shooting many things, it seemed obvious that the windows were old enough (medium quality vinyl slider window, duo paned) that the interior pane of glass was immediately having cold air infiltrate and condensing interior moisture onto the inside surface.  Thus, I mentioned creating another layer inside- no more thick than a half inch- which may stop the condensing.

Though I don’t endorse any brand or vendor, I did mention the 3M, adhesive style winter clear plastic that can be tightened up with a hair dryer.  Here is an example of the product, for FIVE windows (at around $2 each with cyber sales this week yet).  It is a pretty simple attempt as far as effort and cost: