Many people in the Interior know that burning green wood is going to add creosote to their chimney and be inefficient (as the combustion is often expending many BTU’s on driving out moisture in the fibers rather than being thrown out for space heat). And many know that the best level of moisture is below 20% in any prospective logs.

With respect to burning,  what about different types of wood?  Black Spruce is often full of pitch, yet fairly easy to cut up. Birch splits well yet adds a fair amount of ash with its bark. And while many people don’t like poplar or Cottonwood, it too can be heated enough to drive out moisture.  (If you have any tips from personal experiences on burning wood, please add it to the comment section).

Pellets often will have reduced moisture by almost half of that amount due to the manufacturing process. Though pellets have specifically made stoves for their automatic feed and burning,  there are now pellet baskets which allow you to hand load and burn pellets in your regular cordwood stove.  Check for reviews on their efficiency.