Various entities in Fairbanks have been trying to deliver large scale natural gas to the Interior for over half of a century. With the work of the Interior Delegation and residents, a large package of monies was backed by the state legislature in the last couple of years to start the trucking of gas from the North Slope.  The Interior Gas Utility has a working board and has been working on getting the infrastructure needed for homes and businesses in place through several construction phases.

Last week the finishing touches were put out for those contractors applying through the Request For Proposals for the Interior Energy Project put out by the Industrial Development Export Authority. In the first stage, five applicants were selected to submit final offers.  Stage two will include the reviewing, evaluating and ranking of these proposals as they look for the most likely projects to succeed.  It has been a long process and yet will take more time this next year to get things in place.

In Juneau, the papers indicate that the governor will call a special session to deal with natural gas and potential line(s) for movement and distribution. There are a number of competing ideas amongst legislators, and it will make for interesting developments to natural gas production in  Alaska.