While programs in Alaska help individual residents diagnose and mitigate their home(s) so as to be more fully insulated, tuned up with ventilation and flexible to changes in the outside environment, how about states as a whole?  When a state calculates how effective its programs are in total, which state is currently the most energy efficient?  Massachusetts (California last year).

How about scoring the best gains compared to its position last year? California, Maryland, Illinois, the District of Columbia, and Texas had marked improvements.  Some states used targets for the utility sector, new standards for freshly built residential/commercial structures,   enacting codes with stringent compliance  Like Illinois, Texas has been aggressive in adopting the latest building energy codes, and general policy moves.

If you’d like a more in-depth look, take a look at the American Council of Energy Efficiency Economy scorecard at: http://aceee.org/state-policy/scorecard.  In general, Alaska did not fare well- it ranked 42nd of the 50 states as far as overall efficiency goes. It ended up with 9 out of 50 points (which at least was an improvement over last year’s score).   Look for your favorite state for a detailed breakdown of various sectors of the energy economy!