Well, as the price of oil drops, I’ve had people tell me they are getting home heating oil for under $2.20/gal.  One person told me of seeing gasoline at less than $3/gal.   Yet that isn’t stopping folks from building efficiently.  In the Alaska Daily News there is an article today about a home with 2 foot thick walls of insulation, solar panels and site location which will probably lead them to spending on only two hundred gallons of oil per year.   When compared to the listed statistics of the average home in Fairbanks spending $8,106 annually on energy (and the average Anchorage home spending $2,786), this small amount of annual fuel consumption will be about 5% of folks see on average up here!

Take a look at the article (http://www.adn.com/article/20151018/fairbanks-engineer-focused-energy-efficiency-brings-his-work-home) and see what you think.  The Cold Climate Housing Research Center is a great place to get information if you may be considering the same.