This past weekend the Winter Expo at the Carlson Center was well attended. The Extension booth was surrounded by a home painting company on one side and a ATV outfit on the other.  Plenty of people stopped by and picked up (among other items) a Healthy Homes checklist- kind of a check up on various parts of the structure.  Similar to vital signs the nurse may take to give the doctor a quick handle on your body systems, the checklist helps to highlight the wellness of your indoor air quality, moisture levels, ventilation, safety proneness, etc…

When filling out the checklist, hopefully all of the front questions will be a ‘yes’, or are easy to remediate to get to ‘yes’. There is also a spot on the back to basically list three things you have prioritized as items you can have up and running this next week.  Depending what district the checklist residents are in (here it assumes Mat-Su) there is a contact of our local Home Ec. agent.  Or folks can call me at 474-6366 for recommendations on fixing things, for ideas where to get product, or an unbiased list of known service providers!