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Here is a listing of this fall’s energy activities at the Anchorage Extension office:  http://www.uaf.edu/ces/districts/anchorage/EnergyHousing/My next class will be a two hour event and focus on energy sources for campers.  Some of the workshop focuses on cooking devices and on fuels needed while other parts look at lighting, space heating and even electrical generation.  The address is 1675 C Street.  (All you need to bring is yourself.)

Many people a couple weeks ago in Fairbanks dug out there camping gear with trees taking down power lines for up to a week for some residents.  Did they have the right fuels? If gas, was it stale? Or in the case of wood, was it dry?  And were the batteries charged enough to pull off the 300 watts it takes on a stabilized too stove to run it?  Good questions for those with gear to reassess what they could use that may work better in an ‘on the go’ emergency situation….