I spoke with someone today who had just gotten their electricity restored yesterday- 7 days since the first snowfall.  The wet, heavy snowfall that gave us what is not an unusual amount for the coast had created havoc not only on trees who had not yet shed its leaves but of course also powerlines.  Matsu Valley has memories in the late ’80s of going without power for a week, yet it was more a case of powerlines falling from the weather conditions rather than trees landing on the wires from what I understand. Certainly winds there are generally more fierce than in the Tanana Valley and may have added to the problem.

Regardless, underground lines delivery of electricity certainly has an advantage on the road system.  If you ever have a piece property which needs an extension of a utility line to your service box, see how much extra it costs to have it buried rather than strung above.  And be wary of bent trees if you need to walk your property- try to cut them down if you can, but check with your road commissioner first if the bent trees look like they will fall onto the road so that you can fell it on target and without creating problems that could effect cars.