One small secret in Fairbanks that many folks don’t realize is that you can pump your own heating oil into 50 gallon drums or 5 gallon jerrycans as you fill the car!  With gas currently around $3.40/gal and vehicle diesel running $3.27/gallon, you can pick up #1 fuel oil- kerosene- for about $2.25/gal out of the back pump at a couple locations in town.

My own mechanic has said that the difference between the diesel in the two separate pumps is not great and can be used for multi-use.  Thus some people may be tempted to fill their diesel vehicles with the heating oil due to the price ~30% price difference; yet it is illegal due to evading transportation taxes on the #3.27/gal produce.  (The mechanic noted that he’s known of tanks being dipped by the authorities on the side of the road for detection of a dye put in to distinguish between the two product lines.  Quite a fine I’m told, if heating oil is found in a vehicle tank….).

With the purchase of a 12 volt pump that is rated for fuels, you can fill your own containers relatively cheaper.  Just half a decade ago it would have cost you almost double- over $4.00/gal anyway for heating oil.  Delivery prices from the bulk fuel oil suppliers run another 30-35 cents a gallon depending on whom you choose; one of the advantages is reducing the chance of spillage in transportation and transfer.  If you are looking to heat with oil this year, this may be a good time to fill ‘er up- before dividends come out and possible local prices are increased!