“They’re scaling up from smartphones and into smartgrids. They’re moving out of niche markets and creeping into the mainstream, signaling a tipping point for forward-looking technologies such as electric cars and rooftop solar panels. ”

What are these marvels which are making formerly cost prohibitive technologies into a common option for many consumers?  Batteries.   Old timers will tell you that there were electric cars somewhat less than a century ago.  Various chemicals for dry and wet have been made of various chemicals in the past several decades.  Rechargeable batteries have taken over the market for many electronics since the beginning of this century.  Read an article of late which puts into perspective just how freeing battery improvements will make consumers.  There is talk even of ‘democratizing’ happening in part with batteries.  (Read http://www.csmonitor.com/Environment/Energy/2015/0830/How-a-new-battery-revolution-will-change-your-life?cmpid=editorpicks&google_editors_picks=true).

The big thing with these new battery technologies that can change society is due to the simple function- making energy portable!