To address the need for lettuce and leafy vegetables in the rural areas a couple of projects have come about to grow in connex containers and step vans.  The idea is to grow with high spectrum LED lighting so that the electrical use is minimal for simulating daylight.  For heat, the choice on the units are biomass/wood burners which capture the gasses from the wood and burn them.

If there is plenty of small, dry wood around it may be an efficient way to promote dedicated space heat for food.  It may be that there are ways also with these heaters to work with hydroponic growth.  Insulating and venting obviously are items that need to be worked in to any large container.  These may be ways to promote economic development as well as food security with cheaper vegetables throughout Alaska.  If you are interested in learning more of the case study projects, please call Art at 322-2309 and I can give you further info/contacts.