Forecasts are calling for heavy rains (possibly snow up high) and winds today (see Do you remember the fall of 2014 when high winds with wet ice knocked out the powerlines for as many as 3 days for some residents? And that was close to Fairbanks- not just in the far off areas.   It could happen again, and if it does, do you have a generator supply for your heat source, refrigerator and well pump (if you have one) at the very least?

Last event almost 2 years ago the temperatures outside were around 20 degrees, so homes did not freeze up quickly.  But temperate fall reminders like these events beg  a homeowner to ask- do I have a 72 hour kit for food, medical, energy source and other supplies in case I am disconnected from the electric or have to relocate due to a disaster for 3 days (at least)?

Cooperative Extension has a list of items you can check your storehouse to see if you have the goods.  Call Art at 322-2309 if you’d like one emailed or faxed to you (until we can load it up on the site!),

Appreciated- Art