Today there was a debrief of the condition of the IGU project, which is aimed at distributing residential and commercial natural gas throughout Fairbanks (once it comes down in trucks from the North Slope). The total cost on labor is estimated at 1.3m and construction at 16.8m dollars.  There are 3 phases to the project, and the pride currently (phase 1) is that they have completed 60K man-hours of work injury free!

Three regions have been getting laid out this construction season and the second will hopefully happen next summer.  Determinations by Oct. 1 involving AIDEA (state entity looking after energy projects) will help planners know whether they can jump into phase 2 then; this would involve digging into Hurst Road area or Chena Ridge possibly.

The third phase is not being looked at closely at this point as there are “many moving parts”.  There will certainly be more in the news as things progress to bring affordable gas into Fairbanks- and to get it into folks’ homes.