One of the participants of a Greenhouse Heat workshop in Anchorage several weeks ago recently contacted me with an illustration he made about rocket stoves for the publication “Small Craft Advisor”.  (I think he saw how painful it was for me to draw ‘helicopter’ and ‘side’ views on a white board of these intricate 3D pieces of heating tech).  Here is his picture as illustrated: 8-12-15 Paint Can Rocket Stove.

Bob has certainly taken the stove to a new level with adaptations he’s experimented with.  This sharp poster really lays out visually the construction like the photos I began with about a year ago could not have (  These are good instructions for beginning, yet what is great about this class is that participants are often willing to innovate and make it a better product!  Watch this fall as we offer rocket stove construction classes with testing the emissions.  More to come….