With all the wood smoke currently around, it’s obvious that our plant/tree life has a lot of BTU’s! (And from all the smoke, you can tell much of it is green and not completely combusting). Did you know that such plants as ours can produce biofuels? In fact one researcher at UAF a couple years ago was burning wood in a Gasification Experimental Kit unit to create a liquid he could use to outright run a diesel generator which supplied electricity to his very lab.
Yet most people equate plants and liquid fuels with Ethanol.  And many have ‘blend fuel’ vehicles now that are designed to perform off a mix (often 10% biofuel and 90% petroleum fuel). Corn has been the plant of choice in most of the lower 48, although Sorghum and other plants can contribute to the auto fleet fuels used.  When looking at the overall nation, Alaska is ranked 49th in utilizing just under 1% of the nation’s Ethanol at a minor 30,786,000 gallons. Now only if we could figure out how to use our main grain, barley, to make our own car hootch!