There has been a continued technological revolution in materials and manufacturing of electrical storage which has made some cabin and home owners able to justify the cost of solar panels and wind turbines. Since it doesn’t always blow (the wind) nor shine (the sun at the ground level) storage is crucial. With micro hydro power at least the water is always running (though that may be seasonal with freeze up) yet to have enough electricity on tap to meet a users demand, batteries are usually hooked up to a small water turbine.
In Alaska deep cycle lead-acid or glass mat (AGM) batteries are probably the storage of choice for individual electricity generators. Yet there has been a large move toward a number of storage ‘systems’ by major utilities who are using them for back up or efficient distribution on the grid. Forbes magazine has a recent interview which puts into perspective the use of battery storage per a regional basis.
It is interesting to read from the point of view as to the materials used for different applications. The interview also points out the investment potential (it is printed in Forbes, after all) of a unlikely growing industry which we always used the vast national grid system for- electrical storage after generation!