With a meeting this past week in Fairbanks on air quality there certainly an ongoing concern over wood burning devices (despite the temperate weather as of late). One change that will be coming soon is the reinstatement of an approved appliance/device list from the Borough. One had existed but was retracted around 2 years ago. At the time outdoor hydronic boilers that were on the EPA’s list were accepted by the Borough (as well as a coal hydronic boiler that was not on the list but ran through various lab testing procedures initiated by the vendor). In February the EPA may include hydronic boilers in its regulations (which along with wood pellet devices it hasn’t spoken to these in the past. And it is possible that the state may have regulations that could be more stringent than the Borough’s soon. Of course, it is expected that restrictions would be forward looking and most likely will focus on vendors. Thus those units now in place would not be pulled out of people’s yards though it is possible that when selling a home an existing system would need to be replaced. There will be more to come this year and we will see! To get an idea of hydronic boilers that are approved by the EPA, go to http://www.epa.gov/burnwise/owhhlist.html.